Foreign Activities Directorate

Within the Czech military, this Directorate is a coordination and expert authority responsible for issues of international relations in the area of the Czech Republic's membership in NATO, EU, and other international security organisations.

The Directorate is an executive body which manages Czech military cells and personnel serving with international military bodies; it is in charge of foreign activities of the General Staff of Czech Armed Forces (CAF), and the executive authority of the defence ministry pertaining to implementation of the obligations, the Czech Republic assumed by its participation in international military and security agreements in the field of strengthening of the mutual confidence and security in Europe, as well as the fulfilment of decisions that were adopted by international organisations.

The Directorate carries out its tasks in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, in a full compliance with security policy of the CR.

The Directorate is headed by a director, who directly reports to the 1st Deputy Chief of the General Staff.

Mailing Address:

Ministry of Defence
CAF General Staff
Vitezne namesti 1500/5
CZ 160 01 Prague 6 - Dejvice
Czech Republic


Colonel Pavel Skala
+420 973 214 444

Deputy Director:

Colonel Jan Argalas
Phone: +420 973 214 445
Fax: +420 973 214 446


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  • Foreign Support Department

Contact person: LTC Peter Kobylka, phone: +420 973 214 420, fax: +420 973 214 446
September 22, 2018