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7.4.2006 •The Military Chaplaincy of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Czech Military Spa and Recreation Facilities, will organise the participation of Czech soldiers in the 48th International Military Pilgrimage 2006 at Lourdes, France.


3.4.2006 •In response to requests of towns' mayors and chiefs of Regions, soldiers keep helping people hit by devastating floods.

29.3.2006 •Following requests from Firefighter Rescue Corps of Středočeský Region, Moravskoslezský Region and a mayor of town of Bechyně, soldiers and equipment of the Czech military set out to help people protect their property in developing floods.

9.3.2006 •Representatives of the French company AIRBUS S.A.S. and the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic signed an agreement on 9 March 2006 in Prague on procurement of two middle-size Airbus A 319 CJ transport aircraft.

6.3.2006 •The Czech military is ready to deploy troops and equipment in case of detection of the bird
flu in this country.


28.2.2006 •This exercise of all 26 NATO member countries was held during the period 1 - 7 March 2006.

23.2.2006 •A number of Czech military specialists with experience from their deployments in the Balkans, Iraq or Afghanistan, will conduct a ten-day SURVIVAL COURSE for civilians.

7.2.2006 •Two four-member teams of the Hlučín rescue battalion participate in January refresher training.

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31.1.2006 •The Czech government decided on a wheeled armoured personnel carriers deal.

21.9.2005 •The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic was informed by BAE Systems Land & Armaments L. P. on 20 September 2005 that it will withdraw from the public tender to supply new wheeled personnel carriers for the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.


30.8.2005 •Tender for Procurement of APCs Goes Ahead

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