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17.4.2007 •Czech Defence Minister Vlasta Parkanova together with Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg visited Afghanistan in mid April 2007.

22.3.2007 • Command Sergeant Major Ludek Kolesa will serve as a Senior Enlisted Advisor at the Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, U.S.A., as of this May.

20.3.2007 •The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic takes active part in information campaign to possible build-up of a US missile defence system base in this country.

6.3.2007 •The Czech military participation in the IDET 2007 exhibition held in Brno during 2 - 4 May 2007 will present latest acquisition items of military equipment.

28.2.2007 •At a ceremony attended by Minister of Defence Vlasta Parkanova, Army General Pavel Stefka handed over his post to Lieutenant General Vlastimil Picek.

23.2.2007 •The Military Chaplaincy of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Czech Military Spa and Recreation Facilities, organise the participation of Czech soldiers in the 49th International Military Pilgrimage 2007 at Lourdes, France.


31.1.2007 •The first new transport aircraft AIRBUS A-319 Corporate Jetliner landed at its future home airport at Prague Kbely on 30th January 2007.

10.1.2007 •She was appointed the Minister of Defence on 9 January 2007, and the same day Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Mirek Topolanek introduced her into the office.

9.1.2007 •Minister of Defence Vlasta Parkanova was introduced into her office on Tuesday, 9 January 2007.

12.12.2006 •As 2006 came to a close the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic accomplished a crucial first step in their comprehensive reform, and their objective of eventulally achieving full operational capabilities, by reaching the first level of initial operational capabilities.

1.12.2006 •The Czech government decided to increase number of Czech soldiers in ISAF operation in Afghanistan.

13.11.2006 •The film "Congo" from the Czech documentary series CZECH MISSION showing participation of Czech soldiers in NATO and UN operations and missions abroad comes the first at the 17th International Film Festival ESERCITI E POPOLI held last week in Bracciano, Italy.

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