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10.5.2011 •The 11th International Defence and Security Technology Fair - IDET 2011 - shows up-to-date technology and equipment used by personnel of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

International exhibition IDET 2011 welcomes first visitors in Brno

24.4.2011 •The largest Czech air museum in Prague 9 - Kbely - opens its gates on Saturday 30 April and invites those who are interested in new acquisitions - exhibits of post-war jet aircraft of both West and East production.

Air Museum Kbely opens on 30 April

16.4.2011 •Kite balloons represent targets for air defence portable RBS-70 equipment in test fires of personnel from the 25th Air Defence Missile Brigade from Strakonice.

Test fires of air defence

8.4.2011 •Together with American MUSTANG Task Force, personnel of future Czech 8th unit of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar, Afghanistan, ISAF operation, train close-to-real situations at American training facility in Hohenfels, Germany.

Czechs train for Afghanistan in Germany

26.3.2011 •If situation dictated, Airbus aircraft could transport from Japan to the Czech Republic even injured persons. The aircraft interior can be adjusted to accommodate up to six sick beds.

Military aircraft can transport even seriously injured patients

25.3.2011 •Not only the people, evacuated from Japan to the Czech Republic a few days ago, thank the Czech Air Force for prompt move but also their relatives express gratitude to the Czech government.

Thanks for evacuation from Japan

18.3.2011 •A joint US-Czech observation mission over the territory of the Russian Federation was accomplished at the Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, on 5 March 2011.

Czechs fly over Russia and Alaska

11.3.2011 •Imposing no-fly zone and protection of own territory. Just the exercise of an air defence unit at the Military Training Area at Hradiste, Czech Republic.

Not only down the enemy aircraft, but to deter him

4.3.2011 •„Nothing must hamper your running, nothing should rustle or clink. The camouflage must not prevent your access to magazines, water and other things you need," Staff Sergeant Vladimir Zahradka, the Course instructor, says to participants of the Komando Course.

Komando Course. "No search for supermen," course commander says

28.2.2011 •While the Czech Task Force of the Operational Reserve Force reaches 504 personnel, the real presence in Kosovo is in size of 92 men and women.

KFOR: Readiness to receive reinforcements

16.2.2011 •NATINADS – standing for the NATO Integrated Air Defence System – is the prime recipient of data gathered by units of the 26th Air Command, Control and Surveillance Brigade. General Vlastimil Picek visits several of them.

NATINADS in practice

9.2.2011 •The 1st Field Surgical Team of the Czech military started its four-month service within ISAF mission with the French Military Hospital at the military part of the Kabul International Airport on Monday 7th February 2011.

Czech Surgical Team works at the French Military Hospital in Kabul

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