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2.10.2011 •Ten minutes after the Alfa Scramble signal is declared, two alert JAS-39 Gripen aircraft take off from the Caslav airbase runway. The duty in favour of the NATO Integrated Air Defence System – NATINADS.

Czechs: from the Benelux to the Baltics

25.9.2011 •The need of large Military Regions, which administer the Military Training Areas, has decreased with downsized military force and cuts in budgets for the Czech military.

Reducing Military Regions

18.9.2011 •This is the invitation to the north-east city of Ostrava where the 11th NATO DAYS in Ostrava and the 2nd Czech Air Force Days festivals are held on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September 2011.

Invitation to the NATO DAYS in Ostrava

12.9.2011 •Host Nation Support for NATO units on the territory of the Czech Republic was the primary task of the Boleslavska hradba 2011 Exercise, which was held at the Base of Repaired Materiel at Stepanov by Olomouc between 5 - 8 September.

Boleslavska hradba 2011

5.9.2011 •The Czech military will create in 2012 the European Union Battle Group with five other EU countries, says Chief of the General Staff of ACR General Vlastimil Picek after talks with EU Military Committee Chairman Swedish General Håkan Syrén.

EU Military Committee Chairman visits the Czech Republic

29.8.2011 •The Czech NSE has been operating at the Kabul International Airport (KAIA) since 2007. As part of the Czech military Task Force ISAF, it is responsible for overall logistic support for all Czech military units deployed in Afgahnistan.

Czech National Support Element at KAIA

20.8.2011 •Come and see Cromwell, Comet, Jackson, Hakl, Dingo, Pandur, and Ulan also… These tanks, armoured vehicles and other military equipment will be on both static and dynamic displays at the Tank Day 2011 which is held on Saturday 27 August 2011 at the Military Technical Museum at Lesany.

Tank Day at Lesany

9.8.2011 •Soldiers of the 42nd and the 72nd Mechanised Battalions will be the first ones in the Czech military to use new Czech-made CZ 805 BREN assault rifles.

Soldiers receive a new assault rifle

11.7.2011 •A ceremony to unveil the memorial plaque to members of labour camps who built former "Internacional" military hotel, sports grounds Juliska and military housing facilities in Prague was held at the end of this June at the building of baths and Juliska Stadium in Prague-Dejvice.

Memorial plaque to members of the Auxiliary Technical Battalion

27.6.2011 •Hundreds of visitors at the central Bohemian town of Milovice remind the 20th anniversary of Soviet Army departure from former Czechoslovakia.

Soviet Army left Czechoslovakia 20 years ago

7.6.2011 •Ninety nine soldiers of the upcoming last Czech rotation for KFOR mission in Kosovo have accomplished the Combat Readiness Evaluation at the south Bohemian military training area Boletice.

The last KFOR rotation passed the CREVAL

19.5.2011 •The Czech government passed the White Paper on Defence on its session on 18th May 2011.

The White Paper on Defence 2011

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