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22.4.2013 •The Czech General Staff remembers its founder, French Division General Maurice César Joseph Pellé, who headed French Military Mission to Prague and was the first Chief of the Supreme Staff of the Czechoslovak Defence Force in 1919 - 1920.

Maurice César Joseph Pellé

15.4.2013 •Five JAS-39 Gripen aircraft and six pilots have succesfully completed 80 refuelling contacts with German Airbus 310 MRTT tanker in training within ATARES Programme.

Gripens train refuelling

12.4.2013 •Minister of Defence Vlastimil Picek signed a book of condolences for Baroness Margaret Thatcher expressing his sympathy on her passing at the British Embassy in Prague on Thursday 11 April 2013.

Signing the book of condolences for Margaret Thatcher

8.4.2013 •Meetings of soldiers of allied and partner countries do not include only joint exercises and multi-national deployments on peacekeeping or humanitarian missions but also sports events. The recent one was organised by the 10. Panzerdivision, Bundeswehr, as the International Division Ski Championship 2013.

Ski Championship in Germany

1.4.2013 •The Dukovany nuclear power plant and its surroundings were sites for the ZONA 2013 three-day exercise which was organised by the Ministry of Interior with full participation of all elements of the Integrated Rescue System, and the Crises Management Staff of the Czech State Office for Nuclear Safety.

ZONA 2013 Exercise

25.3.2013 •President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman appointed Vlastimil Picek as the new Minister of Defence at the Prague Castle on Tuesday 19 March 2013.

Vlastimil Picek is new Minister of Defence

18.3.2013 •Czech aviation instructors of the 8th Air Advisory Team unit (ISAF) in Kabul prepare a group of Afghan helicopter pilots to the final phase of the training before their real flying life.

Czech instructors train Afghan helicopter pilots

11.3.2013 •The inauguration ceremony of new Czech president Milos Zeman was topped by the parade of units of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic at the Prague Castle on Friday, 8 March 2012.

New Czech president Milos Zeman is sworn in

4.3.2013 •The wish of Belgian 12/13 Li Bataillon of 13th Regiment de Ligne unit to experience really harsh winter conditions has been fulfilled to the utmost during its two-week exercise at the Boletice Military Training Area in the south-west of the Czech Republic.

Belgian soldiers conclude their winter exercise at Czech training area

25.2.2013 •Representatives of Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United States signed in Brussels a “Letter of Intent” to the Multinational Aviation Training Centre on Thursday 21 February 2013.

Signatures to Multinational Air Training Centre Declaration attached

18.2.2013 •Defence Committee of the Czech Chamber of Deputies supports governmental proposal to participate in the EU training mission in the Republic of Mali as of this April.

Defence Committee supports deployment in Mali

11.2.2013 •Representatives of 18 NATO Military Police corps meet in the Czech Republic to discuss further cooperation within allied structures and doctrinal issues.

MP Panel at Komorni Hradek

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