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30.4.2014 •A Czech delegation, led by Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky, boosted members of the 3rd ACR unit serving on the European Union Training Mission (EU TM) in Mali, on 25th April 2014.

Minister visits his soldiers in Mali

23.4.2014 •Although the 2nd Guard Company recently assumed its operational task for the ISAF operation at the Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, only the week before, its successor unit, the 3rd Guard Company, had already participated in specific exercises which focused on the unit’s cooperation and cohesiveness.

Guard company personnel begin training on the unit's cohesiveness

16.4.2014 •The NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen visited the Czech Republic on 10th April for the 15th anniversary of the country's accession to NATO, to discuss collective defence, defence investment, and the Ukraine crisis with the Czech Government and President Milos Zeman.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen: Czech Government must stop the decline of defence expenditure

9.4.2014 •Key personnel of the 131st Artillery Battalion last week conducted a tactical movement, 65-kilometre from their base in Jince, to a firing range at the Military Training Area in Brdy, to carry out live firing exercises with the self-propelled howitzer guns, DANA; their first this year.

Artillery on the move

1.4.2014 •A two-week joint exercise of Polish and Czech paratroopers at the Polish military base, Nowa Deba, showed that troops on both sides employ very similar tactics or, in some cases, identical procedures for training and combat.

Paratroopers from Chrudim trained in Poland

25.3.2014 •The National Support Element of the 8th ACR TASK FORCE in Kabul ensures comprehensive support to all Czech units deployed in Afghanistan. This so-called Contractual Party plays an important role in providing units with all the necessary requirements under local conditions. Although much of the required material can be shipped and delivered from home, immediate requests for goods and services may mean urgent acquisition locally.

Repairs, service, maintenance

19.3.2014 •"Defence matters" said the Minister of Defence, Martin Stropnicky, speaking at the 15th anniversary conference of the Czech Republic‘s accession to NATO, which was held at Prague Castle on 12th March. He went on to say, "After 15 years of the Czech Republic’s membership in NATO, our security is still not commonplace".

15th anniversary of the Czech Republic's accession to NATO

12.3.2014 •Fresh replacement units for deployment in Afghanistan and Africa are ready to assume their operational tasks this March. Soldiers of the 2nd Guard Company will replace the 1st GC at the Bagram Air Field in the Afghan Province of Parwan, a NATO-led ISAF operation, while soldiers of the 3rd Czech unit at the EU Training Mission in Mali will take over from the previous 2nd unit.

2nd ACR Guard Company BAF during SHIELD 1/2014 training exercise

6.3.2014 •An extremely powerful storm destroys key transformers and a massive blackout hits Prague and parts of the Central Bohemian Region last week. Fortunately, this was just a military exercise.


25.2.2014 •A two-day joint military and civilian rescue exercise conducted the scenario of saving lives of skiers and evacuation from a blocked ski chairlift in the Sumava Mountains last week.

SAR in action

17.2.2014 •A Czech Air Force C-295 CASA transport aircraft successfully accomplished its more than three-month operational tour in the Sinai in support of the Multinational Force & Observers mission, and was recently replaced by another airplane from the four-member CASA fleet operated by the Czech military.

Sand storms and snow in the Sinai put Czech airmen to test

10.2.2014 •”Contributions of the Czech Republic, both past and present, are highly appreciated and they will not be forgotten. The Czech Republic is very active in this regard as well as in the development of EU institutions and capabilities," General Patrick de Rousiers said after meeting Czech CHOD, General Petr Pavel.

Czech contributions to EU are highly regarded

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