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17.9.2014 •All thirteen soldiers who returned from their six-month KFOR mission in Kosovo were awarded with the Medal of the Minister of Defence “For Service Abroad” at the offices of the General Staff of ACR on Friday 12th September.

Soldiers receive medals for their service in Kosovo

10.9.2014 •The international exercise Ample Strike 2014 picks up speed. 1,300 exercise participants from the twelve NATO nations are now focused on training Forward Air Controllers (FACs) and aircraft and helicopter crews to coordinate Close Air Support (CAS) procedures for troops on the ground.

AMSE14 – NATO and Czech Senior Military Praise FAC Training

3.9.2014 •The Chairmen of the coalition parties of the Czech government signed today the agreement on ensuring defence of the Czech Republic, the goal of which is stabilisation of the country's defence budgets in future 10 years. The defence budget will be progressively increased to reach 1.4% GDP in 2020.

Czech governmental coalition sign agreement on the progressive increase of the defence budget

3.9.2014 •A group of seven soldiers from the Deployable Communication Module (DCM), based at the Operational Systems of Command and Control Centre in Lipnik nad Becvou, left Prague on Friday, 29th August, for the Turkish city of Adana to support the Dutch air defence detachment based threre.

Czech signal unit participates in NATO operation in Turkey

27.8.2014 •The Chief of the General Staff of the ACR, General Petr Pavel, visited the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 14th–17th August, at the invitation of the Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, General Do Ba Ty.

New prospects open up for closer cooperation between the Czech and Vietnamese armed forces

20.8.2014 •The 12th annual Tank Day, which will be held on Saturday, 30th August, at the Military Technical Museum at Lesany, will present an exhibition and demonstration of armoured vehicles and other equipment from World War II and present time.

Invitation to the Tank Day 2014

13.8.2014 •A new type of imitation air target, and the complete operation of the reconnaissance, surveillance, command and control fire system using the RBS-70 missiles made their debut last week, with several live fire tests executed during the training of the 252nd Air Defence Missile Battalion, held at the Military Training Area in Boletice.

New imitation air-target and complete air defence operation make their debut in a training exercise

6.8.2014 •As part of his tour of Czech government ministries, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka met with Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky on 31st July. At the end of his visit Mr Sobotka reaffirmed his view on the importance of personnel and economic stability within the Department of Defence.

PM Bohuslav Sobotka visits the Ministry of Defence

30.7.2014 •Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky and top military officials attended the graduation ceremony at the University of Defence at the end of its 10th academic year.

Graduation ceremony at the University of Defence

23.7.2014 •Czech air technician, WO1st Class Bohuslav H., serving with the Air Advisory Team's ground personnel in Kabul, in the ISAF operation, was awarded the prestigious title of Warrior of the Week for his outstanding work in repairing a combat helicopter which was, up until then, considered to be beyond repair.

Warrior of the Week

16.7.2014 •The 3rd Guard Company of the Bagram Air Field (3rd GC BAF) carried out a field training exercise at the Military Training Area in Libava from 7 to 11 July in order to test its operational capability before September's closing certification exercise. The unit will be deployed to the ISAF operation in Afghanistan this October.

Guard Company gets ready before deployment

9.7.2014 •The Czech 11th Field Surgical Team (FST) serving at the Kabul International Airport Base, in the NATO-led ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) operation, has now come under the command of the U.S. Field Military Hospital as of 1st July, 2014.

Field Surgical Team works under American command in Kabul

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