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18.1.2018 •Military truck drivers from the 71st Mechanised Battalion, based at Hranice, are at present undergoing a retraining exercise on the operation of the Tatra 815 8x8 PRAM trucks.

Drivers retrain how to operate new Tatra trucks

5.1.2018 •The new Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic, Karla Slechtova, paid a visit last week to the 21st Tactical Air Force Base at Caslav to meet with the airmen whose daily standby duties are of vital importance to the protection of Czech air space.

1. Military Strategy of the Czech Republic - 2008

17.12.2017 •The current Chairman, the Canadian, Major General Jean-Robert Bernier, will hand over the position to Brigadier General Zoltan Bubenik in November 2018.

General Bubenik elected as next chairman of NATO Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services

15.12.2017 •A three-day meeting of the Gripen User's Group, held in Prague last week, enabled air force representatives from Brazil, Czechia, Hungary, South Africa, Sweden and Thailand to exchange and share their experience and knowledge in operating the SAAB 39 Gripen supersonic aircraft.

Gripen User's Group meets in Prague

15.12.2017 •Following the inauguration of the new cabinet by the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017, the newly appointed Prime Minister, Andrej Babis, presented Karla Slechtova to the Defence Minister’s office the same day.

Prime Minister introduces the new Czech Minister of Defence to her office

2.12.2017 •Soldiers from the pyrotechnic cleansing detachment of the 15th Engineer Regiment have completed the pyrotechnic remediation (the recovery and final disposal of unexploded ordnance or munitions) of the Brdy Protected Landscape Area which they had been working on since 2012.

Former Brdy Military Training Area is free of unexploded ammunition

17.11.2017 •On 13th November, Major General Jaromir Sebesta, Commander of the Czech Air Force, and Colonel Michael Longstaff, the U.K. Defence Attaché to the Czech Republic, attended the unveiling ceremony of a memorial plaque set below the monument of the Winged Lion Memorial in Prague which lists all the names of the Czechoslovak Royal Air Force airmen who fought during WWII.

Winged Lion

10.11.2017 •Over the last two weeks, the 73rd Tank Battalion and the 74th Light Motorised Battalion have been participating in field training exercises at Hradiste and Libava Military Training Areas to refresh, refine and consolidate their combat skills, and promote maximum coordination when engaging with combat support units.

Autumn exercises

3.11.2017 •Czech and Slovak soldiers from military units serving at the Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport Base celebrated the 99th Anniversary of the foundation of the independent state of Czechoslovakia on October 28th, 1918. The Czech 9th Guard Company also commemorated the event at its base at Bagram Air Field.

Afghanistan - 99. vyroci

27.10.2017 •The Biological Defence Centre in Techonin held another Open Day last week to attract members of the public interested in working as reserve personnel.

Reservists could alternate medics in a special hospital

13.10.2017 •The Military Archive Central Registry in Prague recently made the decision to copy and make available to the public approximately 1,160 German military identity cards from the Second World War era.

Copy of an identity card

6.10.2017 •The first of four new sets of RPL-2000 radars, delivered by the Czech company, ELDIS Pardubice Ltd., have been installed at Pardubice Military Airport and will be put through a six-month-long assessment to ensure its operability and its link connection reliability to the Czech civilian Air Traffic Management Systems.

New airport radars for Czech Air Force

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