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11.1.2011 •An-26 (NATO code is Curl) made by Russian company Antonov is designed for transportation of personnel and materiel for short and medium distances. The development of the aircraft was accomplished in 1969 and this type in construction and design comes from the previous An-24 type. The Czech military replaced An-26 aircraft by CASA C-295M in 2010.

History: An-26 Transport Aircraft (Decommissioned in 2010)

30.3.2010 •It is a light multipurpose single-seat subsonic combat aircraft of Czech manufacturer AERO Vodochody designed primarily for missions of close air support to ground forces, reconnaissance and, to a limited extent, to air combat missions. A double-seat version of the aircraft is designed for flight training. An ALCA prototype took off for the first time on 2 August 1997.

30.3.2010 •The aircraft, known also as "SAAB 39 Gripen", have protected airspace of this country since the 1 July 2005.

16.2.2010 •Two-engine turbo-propelled tactical transportation aircraft for short and medium distances for transport of personnel and materiel. The Czech military takes over four aircraft from a Spanish manufacturer in 2010.


12.2.2007 •The first new transport aircraft AIRBUS A-319 Corporate Jetliner landed at its future home airport at Prague - Kbely on 30th January 2007.


3.10.2005 •The aircraft, known also as "SAAB 39 Gripen", have protected airspace of this country since the 1 July 2005.

Supersonic Aircraft JAS-39 Gripen

10.8.2005 • L-29 DELFÍN

Photogallery of L-29

17.6.2005 •This is a Russian three-engine jet transport aircraft having the NATO code of “CARELESS”. It is designed for medium-range flights. The first prototype of this aircraft aimed at replacing Tu-104, Il-18, and An-40 made its first flight on 4 October 1968.


17.6.2005 •This is a single-engine, single-seat jet supersonic fighter designed to attack air targets with rockets and guided missiles, as well as for air reconnaissance.


15.6.2005 •The development of this successor of the L-410 TURBOLET started in 1984, while the first flight of version L-610M took off on 30 December 1988. One prototype of this aircraft with two turbo-propeller engines (Walter M-602) of Czech make was operated by the Czechoslovak and Czech Air Force till 1994.


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