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Branch Specific Equipment

12.5.2005 •This is a reactive forty-barrel recoilless artillery weapon, known also as RM-70, with lightly armoured crew cabin mounted on the carriage of a TATRA-813 truck. Due to its high speed, manoeuvrability, and off-road qualities, it is a robust mobile means designed to attack enemy fire positions.


12.5.2005 •This towed howitzer is the basic artillery weapon in mechanised formations. Its carriage enables circular, 360-degree, fire, as it can fire to any direction without changing position of the carriage. Ammunition is transported separately on a medium towed truck.


12.5.2005 •A self-loaded mortar system (international acronym: SPM-85 PRAM) mounted on an elongated BVP (also known as BMP) carriage. It is designed to provide permanent fire support for a mechanised battalion against enemy manpower, his anti-tank assets, lightly armoured targets, and light field shelters.


12.5.2005 •A smooth barrel mortar; it is an artillery weapon designed to be used against enemy manpower, his fire positions, light shelters and trenches. It is also known as "M M1982" under international classification.


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