Self-propelled Gun Howitzer 152 mm type 77


This howitzer is a modern artillery weapon with a self-loading capacity, capable of providing effective fire support to ground forces. It features long firing range, accuracy and a rapid rate of fire.

Demining System BOZENA 5


The demining system BOZENA 5 is a remote-control machine designed for terrain demining from anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.

BOZENA 5 Demining System


A three-minute footage depicting tests of the demining system.

Contract for TATRA trucks signed


Czech Defence Minister Jiří Šedivý and TATRA Kopřivnice a. s. Supervisory Board Chairman and the General Manager Ronald A. Adams sign a contract for delivery of 556 trucks for the Czech military.

Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA


The reconnaissance and observation set Sněžka is used by artillery recce units. The system enables detection, identification and tracking of ground mobile and stationary targets, the observation of artillery shell impacts and their explosions, collection of target location grids and their processing, and the evaluation and transfer of data on the situation at theatre to a higher command level.