Exercises 2014

AMPLE STRIKE    -    3 - 15 September 2014


NATO linked tactical exercise AMPLE STRIKE 2014 (AMSE14).

Command Post: 22 Helicopter Air Base Namest nad Oslavou.

Aim: Coordination between pilots of tactical air operations and forward air controllers in support of ground operations, and to provide suitable space and facilities to enhance expertise in procedures of direct air support, standardization of procedures and interoperability of the military specialists who get deployed in deployments such as ISAF in Afghanistan. Furthermore, to maintain and develop skills of Czech Armed Forces (CzAF) units in providing Host Nation support to foreign units conducting activities in the Czech Republic.

Place: Primarily at 22nd Helicopter Base, Namest nad Oslavou, and 21st Tactical Air Force Base, Caslav, and in military training areas Boletice and Libava; ground force elements support operations will take place at the 15th Engineer Regiment, Bechyne.

Time: September 3 - 15, 2014

Size: Up to 1,400 exercise participants (including some 300 international participants).

Participation: Twelve NATO member states (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, United Kingdom, USA).

Equipment: About 30 airplanes and 50 pieces of ground forces equipment.

Director: Colonel Miroslav Svoboda, Deputy Commander, 22nd Helicopter Air Base Namest nad Oslavou.

NATO link: AMSE14 is supported by NATO’s Allied Air Command at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

Contacts: Maj. Magdalena Dvorakova, Public Communications Department, General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, and
Capt. Jana Skrivankova, 22nd Helicopter Base Sedlec/Vicenice Namest nad Oslavou, Email: amplestrike@seznam.cz

More information on exercise AMSE 14 is being posted on this website (www.army.cz) and of 22nd Helicopter Base (www.lznamest.army.cz).

AMPLE STRIKE 2014 - Mil Mi-24 ready for close air support


Posted: September 4, 2014



4th Brigade Task Force exercise in the Czech Republic.

Command Post Exercise with partial deployment of troops

Goal: Certify the full operational capabilities of the 4th Brigade Task Force, as of 1st July 2014, for deployment within NATO operations

Place: Military Training Area Hradiste

Size: almost 5,000 soldiers

Equipment: more than 1,100 pieces of land and air equipment

Time: June 18 - 26, 2014

Participation: units of 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade and other 18 headquarters and units of the Czech military.

Director: Major General Jan Gurnik, Commander of the Czech Land Forces

Inspectors: NATO officials

GRIM CAMPAIGNER 2013 - Mil Mi-24 ready for close air support


Posted: June 19, 2014