Czech Co-Chairmanship in the DGP

Autor: Ivan Dvorak, Director, Defence Policy and Strategy Division of MoD

At the end of a one-year Czech Co-Chairmanship of the NATO Senior Defence Group on Proliferation, the Czech Republic is hosting a Seminar to discuss issues on weapons of mass destruction.

With the long-term experience of the Czech Republic in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence area, the Czech Republic was accepted as one of the DGP Co-Chairs (the second being the United States) for a one-year period starting on 1 July 2006.

During the Co-Chairmanship, the Czech Republic had the opportunity to influence the NATO activities in the CBRN Defence areas as well as to strengthen the perception of the Czech Republic in this area at the multinational level. On the other hand, the Co-Chairmanship has brought about the responsibility for leadership of one senior NATO committee.

Three major Czech goals for the Co-Chairmanship in the DGP were:

  • Deliverables for the 2006 NATO Riga Summit in the CBRN Defence area
  • NATO cooperation with Ukraine in the area of CBRN Defence
  • NATO-EU Cooperation on CBRN Defence area

The Czech Republic is concluding its Co-Chairmanship with a Seminar, which will take place in Prague and Liberec from 10 to 13 July 2007.

The "CBRN Terrorism - The Continuing Threat to the Alliance Over the Next 10 to 15 Years" Seminar is focused on CBRN terrorism and its implications to our defence efforts.

The Seminar will have its three-day theoretical part in Prague, while the practical part will take place in Liberec. Experts from 31st CBRN Defence Brigade will participate in the OCHRANA 2007 (PROTECTION 2007) exercise at that time to show practical capabilities in the CBRN Defence area.

Posted: June 29, 2007