Exercises in 2006




The NATO Response Force (NRF) command post exercise (CPX/CAX) is designed to certify allied components' commands in Heidelberg, Northwood and Ramstein to assume responsibility of NRF 8 during the period from January to June 2007.

Location: Germany, Great Britain, Norway, and Turkey
Time: 12 – 23 November 2006
Czech participation: 23 staff members of the Multinational (Czech: 312th) Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Battalion to participate in Istanbul, Turkey, and five experts to participate in Stavanger, Norway
Czech participation commander: Colonel Vratislav Osvald
Director: Air Marshal Peter B. Walker, Joint Warfare Centre, Stavanger, Norway

Search of Specialists

"POHROMA 2006"

POHROMA 2006 logo

The command post exercise (DISASTER 2006) of Czech rescue and engineer units focused on saving lives and property in case of expected flood wave and activities in the afthermath of large floods.

Location: Czech Republic, Litoměřice
Time: 24 – 26 October 2006
Participation: 450 troops, 130+ pieces of equipment
Director: Major General Emil Pupiš, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of ACR and Director of the Joint Operation Centre of the Czech MoD

Build-up to face flood



The life tactical, land and air exercise of a Brigade Task Force proving that the ACR reached their initial operational capabilities goal, stipulated at the Military Strategy of the Czech Republic 2004.

Location: Czech Republic, Hradiště and Boletice military training areas
Time: 9 – 20 October 2006
Participation: 4,315 troops, the core formed by the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade
Director: Major General Josef Sedlák, Commander of ACR Joint Forces


"BALT 2006"

ACR Joint Forces Badge

The air defence multinational exercise is focused on upgrading skills of ground crews in searching for and engaging flying targets of the “enemy” with live missiles. The targets are launched by Polish aircraft over the area close to the Baltic Sea coastline in the northwestern part of Poland.

Location: Poland, Ustka Military Training Area
Time: 8 – 14 June 2006
Participation: more than 100 soldiers with equipment from 25 Air Defence Missile Brigade at Strakonice, Czech Republic, Air Defence and Air Force of Poland
Commander of the Czech contingent: Colonel Josef Slavík

SA-6 GAINFUL Air Defence System



The exercise of the Signal Corps units updates its readiness and capability to support the communication and flow of information in favour of command and control of the brigade task force before the ACR reaches its initial operational capabilities.

Location: Military training areas at Libavá, Jince, garrison ground at Lipník nad Bečvou, Hranice na Moravě, and the Joint Operation Centre in Prague, Czech Republic
Time: 5 – 8 June 2006
Participation: Up to 500 personnel with more than 200 pieces of equipment
Director: Brigadier General Jiří BALOUN, Chief of the Signal Corps of the ACR


"TRIAD 2006"


The joint Czech, German, and Polish rescue exercise focused on joint management and control of rescue operations. Motto: The disaster has no borders.

Location: Frankfurt (Oder) and Eisenhütenstadt in Brandenburg, Germany
Time: 29 May – 1 June 2006
Participation: Military and Civilian Rescue Corps from Germany, Czech Republic and Poland

Rescuers Arrived


Flying Rhino 2006 Badge

The joint Czech Air Force and the Royal Air Force of the U.K. live international flying exercise focused on improving both pilots' and forward air controllers' skills in homing to ground and air targets.

Location: Czech Republic, in and over five Regions
Time: 22 May - 2 June 2006
Participation: up to 400 Czech Joint Forces personnel, 260 British Royal Air Force Personnel, and 10 personnel of Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic
Equipment: Czech aircraft: JAS-39 Gripen, L-159, L-39, Mi-24, Mi-17; British aircraft: Tornado and Hawk
Directors: Czech: Brigadier General Ladislav Minařík; British: Major Gary Partridge

Flying Rhino 2006

"ELITE 2006"

ACR Joint Forces Badge

The live international air defence and flying exercise focused on duels between aircraft and air defence units. The aircraft, equipped with anti-radar missiles, actively interfere ground air defence radars to protect themselves. On the other hand, operators of air defence units shape their skills to search and engage „hostile“ aircraft. No live fire. Electronically evaluated.

Location: Germany, Heuberg Military Training Area
Time: 3 - 18 May 2006
Participation: 55 soldiers and 23 pieces of equipment of 25 Air Defence Missile Brigade at Strakonice, Czech Republic, and military contingents from 15 NATO member countries and countries of Partnership for Peace Programme
Commander of the Czech contingent: Captain Luděk Teger

Air Defence - ELITE 2006


Clean Valley 2006 Badge

The training in radiological and chemical reconnaissance, sampling, elimination of effects after a mass destruction weapons use or a leak of dangerous industrial substances.

Location: Liberec, and training area at Brdy, all in the Czech Republic
Time: 2 - 15 April 2006
Participation: 25 personnel of Texas National Guard, 90 personnel of 31st CBRN Brigade (based in Liberec) of ACR, and of the 'Center of Excellence' from Vyškov
Commanding Officers: Major Karel Dvonč, Major Rudolf Barák



Brilliant Arrow 2006 Badge

The live NATO flying exercise focused on planning and execution of allied air operations over North West Europe. Czech L-159 pilots accompany helicopters in their search for a pilot who left his aircraft over the "enemy" territory.

Location: NATO air, land and naval bases
Time: 21 March - 9 April 2006
Participation: from ACR: a hundred personnel from Joint Forces Command, 3x L-159 ALCA aircraft, 3x Mi-17 and 4x Mi-24 helicopters
Commander of the Czech contingent: Major Petr Hromek

L-159 ALCA Aircraft

"CMX 2006"

CMX 06 Badge

This NATO crisis management exercise was conducted by the International Staff, International Military Staff and Strategic Commands of the Alliance. Civil and military staffs at the capitals of NATO-member countries contributed to the exercise, which was focused on crisis management procedures in dealing with terrorist threats, and threats of a chemical, biological and radiological nature against NATO forces, territories and populations of NATO-member countries.

Location: in the Czech Republic, workplaces of crisis management bodies
Time: 1 - 7 March 2006
Participation: Central Crisis Staff of the CR, Crisis Staff of MoD, without forces' deployment
Director of the Exercise: in the Czech Republic, Minister of Defence of the CR