MAT in Wardak, Afghanistan, ISAF

The Czech Republic continues in its help to Afghanistan by deploying the Military Advisory Team unit to the Wardak Province in accordance with Czech government resolution No. 100 dated 19 January 2009.
The 1st ACR unit of the Military Advisory Team (1 MAT) of the Czech Task Force served in the Wardak Province of Afghanistan for six months - from April to October 2013. The last group of the unit arrived in the Czech Republic on 5 October 2013


The major task of the 1 MAT in Wardak was to advise and assist/support a kandak (a battalion of the Afghan National Army) at the level of a staff; to participate in organisation of its cooperation with coalition units and in case of need, support the kandak in operational planning and combat use of its units. The effort is focused on improvement of kandak´s combat capabilities, independence, ability to lead professional operations without support of coalition forces.

The 1 MAT units comprised 59 soldiers. The core of the unit was formed by members of the 71st Mechanised Battalion based at Hranice, Czech Republic, who were complemented from other five units of the Czech military.

LTC Jan Zezula, Ph.D.

Commander of 1 MAT-W:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Jan Zezula, Ph.D.

Additional information of the 1 MAT-W unit:

The total size of 59 soldiers consisted of 17 commissioned officers, 13 warrant officers and 29 non-commissioned officers.

The 1 MAT-W was composed of the following units:

  • 71st Mechanised Battalion, Hranice (49)
  • 41st Mechanised Battalion, Zatec (1)
  • 43rd Airborne Mechanised Battalion, Chrudim (3)
  • 532nd Electronic Warfare Battalion, Opava (1)
  • 22nd Air Base, Namest (4)
  • Hospital Base, Hradec Kralove (1)

The average age of unit´s members was 33 years.

Visit web site of the 71st Mechanised Battalion, Hranice:

Last update: October 7, 2013