A Czech non-commissioned officer to hold a prominent post with ACT, Norfolk

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

Command Sergeant Major Ludek Kolesa will serve as a Senior Enlisted Advisor at the Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, U.S.A., as of this May.

CSM Ludek Kolesa

Following an offer to fill a vacant post of the Senior Enlisted Advisor at ACT, Norfolk, made to all NATO countries, a selection commission at the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic recommended CSM Kolesa to run for the post.

CSM Kolesa currently serves at the Personal Staff of the Chief of the General Staff of ACR. He has been holding the first, historical-ever post of the Command Sergeant Major of the Czech Armed Forces since August 2003.

There were three candidates to the post invited to ACT, Norfolk, in February to present their professional leadership qualification and personal focus on future development of tasks and role of non-commissioned officers within NATO countries.

CSM Kolesa passed the selection interview with honours and will hold the post as of this May, as the Czech highest one within NATO command structure.

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This is an excellent achievement made by CSM Kolesa personally, and as well as by the Czech military, whose command and organisation structure reached in the course of ongoing reform enabled to nominate him for this high post at one of the NATO strategic commands.

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Posted: March 27, 2007