Information Campaign to Missile Defence

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic takes active part in information campaign to possible build-up of a US missile defence system base in this country.

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Since June 2002, the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic has conducted talks with the US Department of Defense on possible deployment of a US base of the anti-missile defence in the Czech Republic. A team of experts from the US Missile Defense Agency visited in July 2006 Czech Republic to evaluate possible locations for the base with the conclusion that the best sites would be at the Brdy or Libavá military training areas.

An official US request to start negotiations with the Czech Republic reached this country in January 2007. According to the request, the US party would like to build the radar at the Brdy Military Training Area some 60 kilometres southwest of Prague.

The Czech Defence Ministry joins a nation-wide discussion to this issue and enabled journalists and representatives of local governments and offices to visit a standing radar site of the Czech military at Nepolisy. Ministerial officials and soldiers are not only members of governmental bodies to study the US request and to prepare the Czech answer, but they also engage in debates with citizens. They participate in multi-level discussions ranging from meetings at the Czech parliament to gatherings of local people who live in the vicinity of a planned radar site at Brdy. They also explain technical background of radar sites in general and their influence on the outside environment.

Radar at Nepolisy General Ivo Zbořil at the press conference From the press conference 1 From the press conference 2

The Governor of the Central Bohemia Region, Petr Bendl, and the First Deputy Minister of Defence, Martin Barták, visited the Brdy Military Training Area headquarters and met with people who live in nearby villages. Also Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karel Schwarzenberg, debated the radar with people at a separate meeting.

Governor Petr Bendl (centre) Meeting at Brdy HQ Deputy MD Martin Barták Dozens of local people attended

General Zbořil and Minister Schwarzenberg debated the radar issue Meeting local people

The Communication Strategies Department of this ministry opens Czech pages of Anti-missile Defence on this web in order to contribute to the broad information campaign.

Posted: March 20, 2007