A-319CJ - Technical Data

Czech Air Force Airbus

The Airbus A-319 type belongs to a group of transport aircraft with short and medium flight range. With passangers, it began to fly in 1996. The Airbus A-319CJ (Corporate Jetliner) type is an updated variant, which has been produced since 2000. It is can be classified into the so-called „Business Centre“ category of aircraft .

Basic Tactical-technical data
Wingspan: 33.91 m
Length of Fuselage: 33.84 m
Height: 11.76 m
Maximum Take-off Weight: 75,500 kg
Maximum Landing Weight: 62,500 kg
High-speed Cruise: 925 km per hour
Travelling Speed Cruise: 840 – 870 km per hour
Flight Range with 124 Passengers without AFT: 3,700 km
Flight Range with 43 Passengers: 8,890 km

Legend: AFT - Additional Fuel Tanks

Posted: March 8, 2007