Land Forces

Czech Land Forces.

The Land Forces are designed to form and train the task forces groups which can solve tactical and operation-tactical tasks on the Czech territory and beyond, and to fulfill other tasks in the Czech Republic in accordance with domestic legislation.

Land Forces

The tactical and operational tactical tasks include defence and attack combat activities, protection of communications, installations and areas outside direct combat activity, monitoring situation in the assigned area, maintaining order and protection of civil population during foreign peace operations outside the country, reinforcement of the state boundary, guarding of important objects and installations on the Czech territory and fulfilling tasks in favour of the Police of the Czech Republic.

Units of the Land Forces engage in tasks of prevention and response to crises situation both within domestic and allied framework. Their organisation enables forming of necessary tasks forces for solving tactical tasks and operations by a part of by all land forces, independently or in formation of allied task groups on the territory of the Czech Republic or outside the country.

Forces and equipment of the Land Forces are capable of being deployed in support of the Integrated Rescue System during natural disasters on request. Soldiers participated in saving lives and property of people, and elimination of damages caused by floods in this country in 1997, 2002, 2009, 2010, and in June 2013.

T-72 Tank

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Contact to the Land Forces Headquarters:
Phone: +420 973 214 499




4th Rapid Deployment Brigade at Zatec
  • 41st Mechanised Battalion at Zatec
  • 42nd Mechanised Battalion at Tabor
  • 43rd Airborne Battalion at Chrudim
  • 44th Light Motorised Battalion at Jindrichuv Hradec
7th Mechanised Brigade at Hranice
  • 71st Mechanised Battalion at Hranice
  • 72nd Mechanised Battalion at Praslavice
  • 73rd Tank Battalion at Praslavice
  • 74th Light Motorised Battalion at Bucovice


  • 13th Artillery Regiment at Jince (Czech web site:
    • 131st Artillery Battalion at Jince
    • 132nd Artillery Battalion at Jince
  • 15th Engineer Regiment at Bechyne (Czech web site:
    • 151st Engineer Battalion at Bechyne
    • 153rd Engineer Battalion at Olomouc
  • 31st Regiment of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection at Liberec (Czech web site:
    • 311th Battalion of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection
    • 312th Battalion of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection
    • 314th Weapons of Mass Destruction Warning Centre
  • 53rd Regiment of Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare at Opava (Czech web site:
    • 532nd Electronic Warfare Battalion at Opava (Czech web site:
    • 102nd Reconnaissance Battalion at Prostejov (Czech web site:
  • 103rd CIMIC/PSYOPS Centre at Olomouc (Czech web site:


  • 14th Logistic Support Regiment at Pardubice (Czech web site:
    • 141st Supply Battalion at Pardubice
    • 142nd Service Battalion at Klatovy
    • 143rd Supply Battalion at Lipnik nad Becvou

Contact: Communication Section of the General Staff of CAF:

November 11, 2018