Communication and Information Systems Agency

The Communication and Information Systems Agency is subordinated to the Division of Support of MoD and is responsible for the concept, build-up and development of the Signal Troops of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, and for development and operation of the Communication and Information Systems (CIS).

Communication and Information Systems Agency

It is responsible for implementation of the state information policy within the defence department. It coordinates connection of national CIS into the Alliance one, and information systems of public administration (data boxes, registers, electronic signature, treasury, etc.).

It controls and supports operational planning within CIS area including ways of its use in operations. It manages preparation and training of CIS specialists and professional training of staffs in CIS area in favour of Czech land and air forces. Methodically conducts training of CIS specialists at the Training Command - Military Academy and the University of Defence, and CIS bodies at any command and control level. In Czech land and air forces, the Agency supervises operational capabilities of signal units and conducts test of the level achieved.

The Agency is responsible for workout of the command and control system in the CIS area, build-up of command posts for Task Forces, NRF, Battle Group EU, ARRC, Integrated Rescue System, crisis management posts and allied command posts in CIS area, also is responsible for national support of DCM (Deployable Communication Module), for development and operation of reserve back-up protected crisis command posts, and for planning, preparation and coordination of exercises of Czech Signal Troops.

The Agency is responsible for workout of operational planning of the state territory in CIS area, including defining of operational requirements and arrangements in preparation of mobilisation deliveries in the area of telecommunication and postal services.

It is a keeper of the non-public/internal telecommunication net (in accordance with Czech Act No. 127/2005 Coll., and Act No. 183/2006 Coll.), information systems and operational tactical systems of command and control in Czech land and air forces. The Agency is a conceptual body for administration of CIS assets groups, and is responsible for their supplies into the military.

Through the CIRC Centre, the Agency is an element of cybernetic security within the defence department.


Deputy Directors:

Colonel Zbynek Hubalek

Deputy Director for Operation:

Colonel Josef Knedla

Deputy Director for Build-up:

Colonel Jaroslav Praus

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Contact to the Directorate of the Agency:
Phone: +420 973 216 014
Fax: +420 973 217 377


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  • Economic Affairs Section
  • CIS Administration Department
  • CIS Integration and Interoperability Department
  • Build-up of ACR Signal Troops Department
  • Internal Administration Department
  • CIS Property Administration Centre
  • Global Data Net Centre
  • Relay Systems' Centre
  • CIS Communication Networks Nodes Centres
  • Information Systems Centre
  • Command and Control Systems Centre
  • Operational Systems of Command and Control Centre
  • CIRC Centre
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Contact person: LTC Miroslav Masita, Phone: +420 973 205 010, e-mail:
August 26, 2018