Military Medical Agency

With the exception of battalions' dressing stations, the Central Military Hospital in Prague, Military Hospital in Brno, Military Hospital in Olomouc and Institute of Aviation Medicine in Prague, all other medical installations and stations of the Czech military report to Director of this Agency.

Director of the Military Medical Agency of Czech Armed Forces (CAF) reports to the Division of Support of MoD.

The Agency is resposnsible for development of military medical service, level of medical care, execution of state administration including state medical inspection in the area of public health protection, protection against ionising radiation, execution of state administration in the area of veterinary care within the military. Moreover, it is responsible for handling with medicaments, addictive drugs, medical aids and control of their quality within the defence department.

In cooperation with all ministerial authorities concerned, the Agency fulfils tasks in medical support of troops. Cooperates with the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic in the area of medical care, protection of public health, defence and crisis planning. It reviews individual health capacity for active military service and partakes in preparation of respective legislation.

Brigadier General Zoltan Bubenik, M.D.


VU 6848
CZ 500 02 Hradec Kralove
Czech Republic


  • Brigadier General Zoltan Bubenik, M.D.

Deputy Director:

  • Colonel Ladislav Slechta

Deputy Director:

  • Colonel Jaromir Mitas

- - -

Contact to Secretariat:
Sergeant First Class Jitka Smolova, phone: +420 973 255 011, fax: +420 973 255 104

Chief Nurse:
Major Hana Kodouskova

Senior Enlisted Leader:
Chief Warrant Officer Frantisek Teply

Directly subordinated departments, centres and institutes:

  • Internal Administration Department
    Chief: Lieutenant Colonel Tomas Dedak
  • Medical Services Department
    Chief of the Department and Chief Surgeon: Colonel Dr. Radek Hubac, M.D.
  • Pharmacy, Medical Material and Veterinary Service Department
    Chief: Lieutenant Colonel Jan Kuryvial
  • Operation Psychology Department
    Chief: Lieutenant Colonel Karel Mochar
  • Medical Services Centre at Bechyne
  • Medical Services Centre at Hradec Kralove
  • Medical Services Centre in Prague
  • Medical Services Centre at Prostejov
  • Medical Services Centre at Praslavice
  • Medical Services Centre at Vyskov
  • Medical Services Centre at Zatec
  • Air Rescue Service Centre at Pilsen-Line
  • Military Material Centre at Bystrice pod Hostynem
  • Military Cynology Centre at Chotyne
  • Military Health Institute
  • Military Veterinary Institute at Hlucin
  • 6th Field Hospital
  • 7th Field Hospital
  • Hospital Support Company

Contact person: Press and Information Officer Captain Lada Ferkalova
phone: +420 724 048 631
November 18, 2018