Change in the post of the Chief of the General Staff of ACR

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

At a ceremony attended by Minister of Defence Vlasta Parkanova, Army General Pavel Stefka handed over his post to Lieutenant General Vlastimil Picek.

Lieutenant General Vlastimil Picek has taken over the post of the Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic since the 1st March 2007 at a ceremony held at the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic in Prague.

Outgoing Army General Pavel Stefka at this occasion presented one replica of a huge symbolic diamond to Minister of Defence Vlasta Parkanova and the second one to Lieutenant General Vlastimil Picek. In General Stefka's words, the diamonds represent the status of Czech military reform and achievements reached. They just need fine sharping and polishing in the future.

Mrs. Parkanova receives both Generals General Stefka and General Picek Lieutenant General Vlastimil Picek Mrs. Vlasta Parkanova signs the document General Stefka signs the document

According to his words, Lieutenant General Vlastimil Picek assumes the highest Czech military command post with three priorities in mind. The first is to go on successfully with the military reform, advance with formation of brigade task force units, and to go on with enhancement of operational capabilities of units, the Czech Republic has committed itself to the NATO Response Force and Battle Groups of European Union.

Presenting the diamond General Stefka and General Picek General Stefka, Mrs. Parkanova and General Picek at a press foyer

Posted: February 28, 2007

Updated: March 1, 2007