Iraqi Zone Stabilisation Force operation and Multi-National Force - Iraq

Contingent of the Military Police of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
December 2003 - December 2006
Iraq, Police Academy at Az-Zubayru and at the Shaibah Base

History of Czech Military Police participation in Iraqi operations

In December 2003, the personnel of the Czech 7th Field Hospital in Iraq was replaced by a contingent of the Military Police of ACR. Its deployment in the southern part of Iraq and participation in Iraqi Zone Stabilisation Force operation (IZ SFOR) was proposed by the Czech government in October 2003 and subsequently approved by both chambers of the Czech Parliament.

Based on the UN Security Council Resolution No. 1546, the operation was renamed to the Multi-National Force - Iraq (MNF-I) as of 19 July 2004, and it has been known as the Operation Iraqi Freedom since.


Policing and Police Force Training Operation

The first Military Police Contingent in the operation in size of more than 80 personnel was located about 18 miles south-west of the City of Basra at the Shaibah Base within the operational sector and under the command of the British-led Multi-National Division - South East. At the outskirts of a former airport, the policemen built up a functional and safe base before the end of 2003.

The primary task of military policemen was to supervise local police, help train its memebers at the Police Academy at Az-Zubayru and at police stations, and contribute to police support of the Division.

Czech policemen served in three-month rotations.

Since March 2005, the Czech Contingent was increased by six soldiers, who served at command structures of the Multi-National Security Transition Command in Iraq, and the NATO Training Mission in Iraq. These soldiers were located in Bagdad.

Commanders of Czech Military Police Contingents:


Commander's Name

Contingent No.

fm - to


LTC Jiří NEUBAUER 1st MP Contingent Dec 2003 - Mar 2004


LTC Milan DIVIAK 2nd MP Contingent Apr 2004 - Jun 2004


LTC Luboš BAHNÍK 3rd MP Contingent Jul 2004 - Sep 2004


LTC Miroslav MURČEK 4th MP Contingent Sep 2004 - Dec 2004


LTC Jiří NEUBAUER 5th MP Contingent Jan 2005 - Mar 2005


LTC Milan DIVIAK 6th MP Contingent Apr 2005 - Jun 2005


LTC Pavel CHOVANČÍK 7th MP Contingent Jul 2005 - Sep 2005


LTC Roman GOTTFRIED 8th MP Contingent Sep 2005 - Dec 2005


LTC Miroslav MURČEK 9th MP Contingent Dec 2005 - Mar 2006


LTC Jiří NEUBAUER PhD. 10th MP Contingent Mar 2005 - Jun 2006


LTC Milan DIVIAK 11th MP Contingent Jun 2006 - Sep 2006


LTC Ladislav TVRDÝ 12th MP Contingent Sep 2006 - Dec 2006

Short information on Czech Military Police deployment in IZ SFOR and MNF-I in Iraq

Time of Deployment: December 2003 – January 2007
Number of Contingents: 12 in three-month rotations
Locations: Logistic Shaibah Base, Police Academy in Az-Zubayru
Contingent's Size: approximately 100 soldiers each
Operational Task: Training of Iraqi policemen in short-term courses in a form of participation in local-led training, and in courses led only by Czech instructors.
Courses: Shooting, Service Actions, Transportation Service, Ordnance Service, Search and Documentation of Crimes, Border Service, etc.
Total number of Iraqi policemen, in which the Czech MPs participated: more than 12,000
Total number of Iraqi policemen trained in exclusively Czech courses: 1417

Almost 40 % of all Czech military policemen were on these missions, some of them even three times.