A-319CJ AIRBUS - Transport Aircraft

The first new transport aircraft AIRBUS A-319 Corporate Jetliner landed at its future home airport at Prague - Kbely on 30th January 2007.

The delivery of the first AIRBUS A-319CJ, tail number 2801, starts the renewal of Czech Air Force fleet of transport aircraft. The flight from the manufacturer's airport of Airbus S.A.S. in Hamburg, Germany, lasted 57 minutes.


First Airbus A-319CJ for Czech Air Force - 2 First Airbus A-319CJ for Czech Air Force - 3 First Airbus A-319CJ for Czech Air Force - 4 First Airbus A-319CJ for Czech Air Force - 5

The second piece of the same type arrived in the Czech Republic in October 2007. The new aircraft replace two pieces of Soviet made Tupolev Tu-154 transport aircraft.

Aboard the first Czech Air Force Airbus A-319CJ Press Conference aboard the Airbus

The Airbus A-319 type belongs to a group of transport aircraft with short and medium flight range. With passangers, it began to fly in 1996. The Airbus A-319CJ (Corporate Jetliner) type is an updated variant, which has been produced since 2000. It is can be classified into the so-called „Business Centre“ category of aircraft .

Basic Tactical-technical data
Wingspan: 33.91 m
Length of Fuselage: 33.84 m
Height: 11.76 m
Maximum Take-off Weight: 75,500 kg
Maximum Landing Weight: 62,500 kg
High-speed Cruise: 925 km per hour
Travelling Speed Cruise: 840 – 870 km per hour
Flight Range with 124 Passengers without AFT: 3,700 km
Flight Range with 43 Passengers: 8,890 km

Legend: AFT - Additional Fuel Tanks

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