9th Contingent of ACR in KFOR

9th Contingent of ACR on NATO operation in Kosovo - KFOR
Kosovo Force

The 9th Czech Contingent in size of 500 personnel replaced the 8th Czech Contingent in KFOR operation in July 2006 when its commander Colonel Miroslav Hlaváč handed over not only the task of the Czech Contingent to Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Lipka, but also the command of the whole Multinational Task Force CENTRE to the commander of the Swedish Contingent. The core of the 9th Contingent was formed by soldiers of the 7th Mechanised Brigade based at Hranice, Czech Republic. The Contingent included personnel also from other units according to required specialities. The mission of this Contingent lasted six months, that is, until the end of 2006.

  • Units of the Multinational Task Force CENTRE (MNTF-C) are formed by soldiers of the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Slovakia, and Sweden.

Number of Czech Military Personnel on the Operation:

  • 500

Contingent Commander:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Pavel LIPKA


The personnel of the 9th Contingent returned back home in a rotation made during 8 - 22 January 2007.

Back Home - Arrival at the Přerov-Bochoř Airport
8 January 2007

Personnel Back Home from KFOR - 1 Personnel Back Home from KFOR - 2 Personnel Back Home from KFOR - 3 Personnel Back Home from KFOR - 4


Posted: February 2, 2007