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Autor: Oldrich Holecek

This article presents a summary of news and events held within the defence department on the mid-May week. It is complemented with a short preview of expected events.

IDET - International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies in Brno

Besides a number of international manufacturers of defence technology, the IDET biennial exhibition presented current military equipment of the Czech military compared with examples of equipment the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic used 20 years ago when it was established. Both Minister of Defence Vlastimil Picek and Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Petr Pavel opened the Czech army/air force grounds at the "P" pavilion at the BVV Trade Fairs Brno. (

Czech soldiers in Mali

A unit of 34 personnel from the 43rd Airborne Mechanised Battalion based at Chrudim has been serving on the EU Training Mission in the Republic of Mali since this March. Reports that come confirms no problems in cooperating with Malian soldiers and French personnel, who are in position of the lead nation on this African mission. Mali (EU TM).

BAMBIRIADA - annual series of meetings: Soldiers and Children

The annual spring meetings of soldiers with children are held in many Czech cities. The aim of the BAMBIRIADA event is to present skills and equipment to children who always love to mingle with soldiers. Not only the Capital of Prague, but also cities of Ceske Budejovice, Cheb, Plzen, Liberec, Humpolec, Sumperk, Zlin, Nachod, Rychnov nad Kneznou, Blansko, Ivancice, Cesky Tesin, Ostrava and Chrudim hosted the event the last week.

Military Technical Museum opens 2013 season

The Military History Institute welcomes visitors to the Military Technical Museum at Lesany - the open-air exhibition of heavy military equipment both current and historical, land and air force, air defence - all dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. The 2013 season starts. Military History Institute Prague. (

Minister of Defence meets with war veterans

Defence Minister Vlastimil Picek invited a group of WW2 veterans to a breakfast meeting to appreciate their anti-Nazi engagement and to make them familiar with new developments within the Czech military in observance of the end of WW2 and remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic's birth. War Veterans Department.

Floating 2013 - a biennial training in floating of military equipment

Twenty five pieces of both wheeled and tracked vehicles from units of the Joint Forces and approximately 400 soldiers have started training in crossing "water obstacle" at the water training site at Myslejovice in the Military Training Area Brezina. The training, which lasts till 14 June 2013, is aimed at improving skills of troops to cross a river or lake and their readiness to rescue soldiers and equipment in case of problems.

Public events to come:

  • Bahna 2013 - Day of Land Forces at Strasice, Military Training Area Brdy, DUE TO FLOODS AND DEPLOYMENT OF SOLDIERS TO FIGHT CONSEQUENCES, THE EVENT WILL BE HELD 31 AUGUST 2013 instead of originally planned date 22 June 2013
  • Roznovska valaska 2013 - Folk Festival at Roznov pod Radhostem, 7 - 9 June 2013

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Updated: June 20, 2013