Military Chapel Opened at Bechyně

A new chapel, opened at the base at Bechyně, serves all personnel who seek spiritual support.

Motive decorating the wall

The command element of the 15th Engineer and Rescue Brigade based at Bechyně established the chapel at the base in cooperation with the Chief Chaplain of the Czech military Lieutenant Colonel Jan Kozler, and other chaplaincy officials.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Brigade Commander Colonel Václav Vačkář, the Mayor of Bechyně Jaroslav Matějka, the Chaplain of the Support and Training Forces Command Major Pavel Kuchař, the Chaplain of the Brigade Captain Jan Blažek, as well as other guests.

Opening ceremony Officials' Light of Candle Pavel Kuchař and Jan Kozler

The need for a military chapel at Bechyně dates back to 2003. The Brigade command understood that a soldier's performance was based upon more than just a good background and stability, and that the desire for a balanced mind and happiness is inherent in many people, to include military personnel.

Building of the Chapel Jan Kozler and Pavel Kuchař

Posted: December 18, 2006