Czech film wins the first prize in Italy

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

The film "Congo" from the Czech documentary series CZECH MISSION showing participation of Czech soldiers in NATO and UN operations and missions abroad comes the first at the 17th International Film Festival ESERCITI E POPOLI held last week in Bracciano, Italy.

17th International Film Festival

In its first participation at the International Film Festival ESERCITI E POPOLI, the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic has won the first prize in the category of "Military operations, safeguarding peace and human rights" with a documentary taken in 2005.

The film "Congo", which shows service and life of Czech military observers on the UN observation mission MONUC in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was produced by Marek Vítek and Radan Šprongl at the A-NEWS s.r.o. company. The whole ten-part series CZECH MISSION was sponsored by the Czech Ministry of Defence, and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and aired by the Czech Television.

The CZECH MISSION series aims to promote Czech contribution to keeping peace, safeguarding humanity and to help increase image of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.


The silver winning plaquette was presented by General Georgio Zucchetti to the Czech Defence Attaché to Italy Colonel Miroslav Bartoš, Juraj Galovec and Major Zdeněk Kroutil.

The jury's presentation General Georgio Zucchetti (right) hands over the winning plaquette From the left: Major Zdeněk Kroutil, Juraj Galovec and Czech Defence Attaché Colonel Miroslav Bartoš

There were 95 films from 27 countries presented at the 17th International Film Festival ESERCITI E POPOLI. The "Eserciti e Popoli" is an Italian non-profit cultural association formed in 1990 "to actively contribute to the promotion and knowledge of the culture, art, civilization and fundamental values of national peoples, which the Armed Forces must defend and safeguard."

Revised: January 11, 2007