Veterans Day 2006 in the Czech Republic

Remembrance ceremonies to honour veterans of wars commence with ecumenical service.

Symbol of the Veterans DayThe ecumenical service was celebrated by the Chief Chaplain of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic Jan Kozler at the military church of St. Jan Nepomucký in Prague on 9 November 2006.

Ecumenical Service 1 Ecumenical Service 2 Ecumenical Service 3 Ecumenical Service 4 Ecumenical Service 5

Pictures by Miroslav Šindelář

The Veterans Day Gala Concert by the Central Band of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic Day was hosted by Minister of Defence Jiří Šedivý and Chief of the General Staff General Pavel Štefka at the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle.

Gala Concert 1 Gala Concert 2 Gala Concert 3

Gala Concert 4 Gala Concert 5 Gala Concert 6

Gala Concert 7 Gala Concert 8 Gala Concert 9

Pictures by Radko Janata

Posted: November 11, 2006