Peak of the BALT 2006 Life-fire Exercise at Ustka, Poland

Autor: podplukovnice Blanka Majkusová - referát pro komunikaci s veřejností Generálního štábu AČR

Personnel of the 25th Air Defence Missile Brigade from Strakonice, Czech Republic, go on with the life-fire exercise in Poland.

The personnel of the brigade and crews of 2 K12 M2 KUB air defence systems have carried out 12 combat fires against air targets at the Polish Armed Forces training area at Ustka.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic General Pavel Štefka visited the participants of the exercise and congratulated them to excellent results of fires.

The final part of the BALT 2006 exercise will be terminated on the 18 June 2006 followed by a move to the domestic base.


Commanders and the Map Loading of Missiles 1 Loading of Missiles 2

The Sand and the Baltic Sea Search for Targets Just a Fire

No Petty Work Colonel Josef Slavík - Commander of the Brigade with Chief of Fire Control General Štefka with a Crew


Pictures by: Jan Kouba and Jan Procházka - AVIS



Posted: June 14, 2006