BALT 2006 - Air Defence Live-Fire Exercise

Autor: major Mgr.Ing.Luděk Lávička, 25. plrb Strakonice

More than a hundered soldiers from the 25th Air Defence Missile Brigade at Strakonice, Czech Republic, will check their skills in the BALT 2006 live-fire exercise held at the Ustka Military Training Area, Poland, between    8 and 14 June 2006.

SA-6 GAINFUL at the Baltic Sea - Ustka

The Polish military training area at Ustka, enabling live combat anti-aircraft fires, hosts the BALT multinational air defence exercise also this year. The 2 K12 M2 KUB air defence system having the NATO code of the SA-6 GAINFUL is the major equipment of Czech air defence units.

The scenario of the exercise describes the need for defence of important ground facilities against air attacks. Missiles will be fired out to destroy substitute targets represented by "Target SRCP-WR", which will be carried by and launched from Polish aircraft. The target itself can fly more than 12 miles in a flight level from 1 to 6 miles.

SRCP-WR Fake Target Ready to Fire

Posted: June 8, 2006