48th International Military Pilgrimage at Lourdes

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

The Military Chaplaincy of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Czech Military Spa and Recreation Facilities, will organise the participation of Czech soldiers in the 48th International Military Pilgrimage 2006 at Lourdes, France.

Pilgrimage at Lourdes

The International Military Pilgrimage at Lourdes has become a traditional event for Czech soldiers to meet their comrades in arms and shared beliefs.

The Czech Military Chaplaincy is preparing the trip for soldiers and their dependants to Lourdes for the period 17-22 May 2006.

The tradition to participate in the Pilgrimage to Lourdes commenced in the Czech Lands in 1992, the year before the Czechoslovak Armed Forces split into separate Czech and Slovak military entities. Until 2004, the Pilgrimage at Lourdes was attended also by conscripts; but, since January 2005, when the Czech military became a fully professional service, the trips have been organised for career soldiers and their dependants.

On the average, the Pilgrimage at Lourdes has been attendend by 150 Czech soldiers annually.

Historical Photos from the Pilgrimage

Pictures by Jan Zeman, first published in the "A Report", AVIS - Military Information and Service Agency, 2004

Updated: April 12, 2006