Pastoral Centre of the Czech Military Chaplaincy at Luleč u Vyškova

The Military Chaplaincy of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic engages in activities aimed at the formation and strengthening of ethical values, interpersonal relations, self-understanding and recognition of other people.

In order to support these efforts, chaplains organise various debates and seminars, informal meetings, and weekend stays. Following the model of other NATO armed forces, the Czech Military Chaplaincy is striving to build a Pastoral Centre at Luleč u Vyškova for similar activities. This is because debates on values, expectations and other issues of current military interest should be held in an „neutral“ environment, which does not pre-set attitudes and provides space for free voices.

The Pastoral Centre is located at a building of a former Roman Catholic parish, which is large enough to accommodate groups of participants.

The weekend stays of students of the Military High School at Luleč u Vyškova are becoming an especially regular activity. Also, until the conscription service was abolished in this country in January 2005, groups of conscripts also took part in the weekend stays. Other activities are represented by informal meetings and discussions among members of various groups of professional soldiers, primarily from the Vyškov Garrison, and those professionals who are preparing for foreign deployments.

Some Military Academy course members also welcome an invitation from the Centre, which is located off the military compound. However, the largest social gatherings are held in the form of garden happenings on 5 June, when soldiers meet with the public from the region, as well as other invited guests.

A priority of the Centre is the offer of weekend stays for new recruits who take their basic military training at the Training Base at Vyškov. These stays are focused on military values and the vow of military professionals, with emphasis given to putting these values into practice. By virtue of its location and the surrounding nature, the Centre provides an excellent venue for debates, as well as for experience-adventure methods of education.

Student weekends for students of the Military High School of Jan Lucemburský

Regular meetings of students are a several-year tradition, which was commenced by Chaplain First Lieutenant Jakub Holík. During the entirety of weekend students engage in experience and adventure games, which serve to simulate issues. At the conclusion of the weekend, participants have an opportunity to reflect their experiences and to engage in debate.

Focusing on the values of cooperation, communication, physical intensity, courage, and other values supports the maturation of a value and behaviour system within young people. During weekends, students also engage in the servicing and maintenance of the Centre and its surroundings. In order to highlight certain values, selected films are also screened and their contents and messages are debated.

Updated: April 12, 2006