Floods: Soldiers help protect the property

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

Following requests from Firefighter Rescue Corps of Středočeský Region, Moravskoslezský Region and a mayor of town of Bechyně, soldiers and equipment of the Czech military set out to help people protect their property in developing floods.

The personnel of rescue battalions from Kutná Hora and Hlučín, and from an engineer battalion from Bechyně were deployed 28 March 2006 to help build anti-flood barriers at endangered areas of Nymburk, Ostrava and Bechyně.

High waters came as a combination of melted snow and a heavy spring rainfall that hit the Czech Republic in recent days.


Sandsack Barrier

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The soldiers of 154th Rescue Battalion from Rakovník set out a fifteen minutes after midnight 29 March 2006 to help construct anti-flood frames at Libeňský Bridge to keep water of Vltava River in Prague inside its bed.

Posted: March 29, 2006