RBS-70 Bofors

This is a short range air defence equipment effective at 5 to 10 kilometers. NATO classification is SHORAD – short air defence.

It is designed to attack hostile tactical air means of a cruise missile, glider-bomb and an ammunition container types.

Basic Technical Data

Weight in basic configuration (frame, aimer, missile): 87 kg

Weight with IFF and a night vision aimer BORC: 128 kg

Missile caliber: 110 mm

Missile diameter with open wings: 320 mm

Weight of warhead: 1.8 kg

Maximum missile speed: Mach 2

Maximum effective altitude: 0 – 5800 m

Maximum distance at arrival: 200 – 8000 m

Maximum effective distance at departure: 200 – 8000 m

Time to prepare for fire: less than 40 seconds

Time for reloading: less then 6 seconds

Crew: 3

Power: own lithium batteries, batteries of a vehicle or 220 Volts with transformers




Picture Attachment

RBS-70 Bofors - 1 RBS-70 Bofors - 2 RBS-70 Bofors - 3 RBS-70 Bofors - 4