2nd ACR Contingent of the Baltic Air Policing 2012 in Lithuania

The NATO operation in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia was aimed at protection of air space of these three NATO countries.

Baltic Air Policing 2012

Main Operational Task:

Based on a mandate given by the Parliament of the Czech Republic, 64 soldiers have been deployed to Lithuania for a provision of Air Policing mission of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The majority of the detachment came from the 21st Tactical Air Base in Caslav which operates JAS-39 Gripen (SAAB 39 Gripen) supersonic aircraft. The detachment was responsible for the mission within NATINADS from 1 September 2012 till 4 January 2013.

Mission commander:

Colonel Petr Lanci
currently commander of 21st Tactical Air Base at Caslav

Colonel Petr Lanci

Detachment structure:

The detachment consisted of 64 soldiers, who had come from different units of the Czech Armed Forces. No liaison officers were deployed at CRC (Command and Report Centre) in Karmelava.

The rotation of this detachment was accomplished at the beginning of November 2012. Key members of the detachment did not rotate.

Pilots’ experience:

This mission was the second tactical aircraft contribution of the Czech Air Force to the Baltic Air Policing Mission. The first deployment executed its mission from May to August 2009. The Czech pilots are experienced in various NATO exercises such as TLP (Tactical Leadership Programme), NATO Air Meet, NATO Summit etc.

The 211th Tactical Squadron is a full member of the NATO Tiger Association. The squadron was presented with the Silver Tiger Trophy in 2010.

The Air Policing mission has been a day-to-day task of the squadron from the first day of the Czech Republic´s membership in NATO (12 March 1999).

21st Tactical Air Base, Caslav

JAS-39 Gripen (SAAB 39 Gripen):

The JAS-39 have been serving in the CZE AF since April 2005. Operationally, they have been ready since 1 July 2005 as the first four-generation aircraft in operational use within NATO. Typical standards for this category are as follows:

  • Swinger role aircraft
  • All systems computer integrated
  • Fast turnaround with minimal equipment
  • Informational superiority
  • Hand on throttle and stick
  • Glass cockpit


  • Powerplant Volvo Aero RM 12
    (General Electric F404J)
  • Thrust 80,0 kN (18,000 lbs)
  • Max T/O weight 30,000 lbs
  • Number of stations 8
  • Payload 12,000 lbs
  • Ceiling 50,000 ft
  • Max. Speed
    – Supersonic at any altitude
    – Mach 1.15 at low altitude, Mach 2.0 at high altitude
  • Climb
    – Less than 2 minutes from brake release to 33,000 ft
    – Approx. 3 minutes to 46,000 ft
  • Level Acceleration
    – Approx. 30 seconds from Mach 0.5 to Mach 1.1 at low altitude
  • Turn Performance
    – Sustained - max. 20 deg/sec.
    – Instantaneous - max. 30 deg/sec.
  • Max. Load Factor
    – +9/-3g (supersonic +8g)
  • Max. range
    – 2x A-A, drop tank, 30% fuel reserve, 36,000 ft, 1,000 nm

Last update: January 7, 2013