Bird Flu - The Czech Military is Ready to Deploy 450 Professionals

Autor: Iva Ruskovská

The Czech military is ready to deploy troops and equipment in case of detection of the bird
flu in this country.

The Armed Forces of the Czech Republic are ready to undertake activities in cooperation with other emergency agencies to help eliminate the possible effects of bird flu if it is detected on the territory of the Czech Republic. The major task of the military would be to disinfect contaminated material and areas, according to First Deputy Minister of Defence, Pavel Štalmach. First Deputy Minister Štalmach chairs the Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.

About 450 professionals from six rescue battalions and four companies of chemical and biological protection troops would be deployed to fight the effects of the bird flu. The military has also earmarked up to 150 pieces of equipment to support decontamination activities.

The Czech military has worked out its pandemic response plan, which reflects the overall pandemic plan of the Czech Republic. These military arrangements would be put into action only in the case of confirmed contagion among the population.

Updated: March 23, 2006