Field-proven Specialists to Conduct the SURVIVAL COURSE

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

A number of Czech military specialists with experience from their deployments in the Balkans, Iraq or Afghanistan, will conduct a ten-day SURVIVAL COURSE for civilians.

The Communication Strategies Department of the Czech MoD, in a close cooperation with the Military Academy at Vyškov, will organise a SURVIVAL COURSE for Czech civilians during the period 14 - 23 May 2006.

The purpose of the Course is to help participants survive in dangerous areas during future assignments.

The Course is Open to Czech Civilians

  • Journalists, both with media outlets and free-lance
  • Workers and co-workers of humanitarian organisations
  • Students with plans for future such activities
  • Regional Offices personnel who are in charge of crisis management

Application requirements include: family and given names, number of Czech ID, endorsement from applicant’s employer or school (or a Syndicate of Journalists ID for free-lancers), doctor’s certificate on one’s health state and/or limitations, and health insurance ID.

Participants will be lent military issue items, though they also can take along their own underwear, swimming trunks and suits, sleeping bags, boots and personal cross-country outfits. It is recommended to take out accident insurance.

A ten-day accommodation will cost them 600 CZK (1 US$ ≈ 23.75 CZK), and meal costs will be absorbed by the students.

At the conclusion of Survival Course 2006, the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, Training and Doctrines Directorate, and the Military Academy will organise the "A Journalist and War" seminar on 23 May 2006 at Vyškov.




  • SURVIVAL COURSE - In the participants' own words...

  • Points of Contact

    (1) Ministry of Defence of CR

    Communication Strategies Department

    Ms. Jana Jelínková

    Tychonova 1

    CZ 160 01 Prague 6 - Dejvice

    Czech Republic

    Phone: +420 973 200 131 or +420 606 617 928

    (2) Military Academy

    MAJ František Heideker

    Víta Nejedlého

    CZ 682 03 Vyškov

    Czech Republic

    Phone: +420 973 451 203 or +420 724 233 283

    Posted: March 1, 2006

    Updated: March 28, 2006