Joint Operations Centre

The Joint Operations Centre of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic (JOC) is a ministerial management authority for deployment of Czech military forces on foreign NATO, EU, UN and OSCE missions and operations and their command, as well as for crisis management operations involving the participation of Czech Armed Forces (CAF).

The JOC is a military executive body for managing the crisis management process. In accordance with governmental decree No. 33/1999, the JOC supports activities of the Central Crisis Management Staff of the Czech Republic. This Staff, as a non-permanent body, is formed of deputy ministers of the Czech government and heads of major national institutions.

Director (Deputy Chief of the General Staff of CAF):

Major General Jiri Verner

Deputy Directors:

Contacts to the Directorate:
Phone: +420 973 216 013, +420 973 217 621


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  • Operations Planning
  • Foreign Operations
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  • Internal Administration

September 22, 2018