Icy Divers' Exercise

Autor: Miroslav Šindelář, Foto: podpraporčík Vilém Schindler

Two four-member teams of the Hlučín rescue battalion participate in January refresher training.

Diving Suits are Ready

Together with other teams, the divers, led by Captain Jaroslav Krč, tested their skills in the recovery of people from ice on the Těrlická dam on 28 January 2006. The several-centimetres thick ice did not prevent them from plunging in.

“We don't have many opportunities to test our skills of recovering people from drift-ice, but we know that our help could be the only hope for a person threatened with the drawning situation,“ Warrant Officer Vilém Schindler of the Hlučín battalion said. He continued by saying: “Therefore we have welcomed this joint exercise with civil rescuers and police divers to test the new equipment we have now available.“

Underwater rescue operations have their specific considerations and increased security rules. It is often not easy to get to the place where an unfortunate individual has fallen under the ice. Therefore, in addition to having first-class divers' equipment, it is sometimes necessary to use a gadget as simple as a ladder.


Checking the Gear for Icy Water Ladders Ahead ! Pulling People out of Ice

Text and pictures by Miroslav Šindelář

Posted: February 7, 2006