Agreement Between Ministry of Defence and AERO, a.s., Signed

Post-warranty support service for AERO-made aircraft guaranteed.

Ministry of Defence of CR

Prague, 8 December 2005 -- The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and AERO Vodochody, a. s., signed on 8 December 2005 a framework agreement regarding the provision of a post-warranty support for L-159 and L-39 aircraft owned by the Ministry of Defence of CR during the whole lifetime of these aircraft. The agreement is effective for next 25 years, i. e. until 2029.

“Today´s signature of the agreement brings both stability for AERO military programme, and, at the same time, guarantees conditions for operation of L-159s and L-39s with the Czech Air Force,” says Andrej Čírtek, spokesman for the Defence Minister of CR.

The agreement contains a commitment of both parties to conclude other contracts also, at fixed periods of time. It relates, for example, to post-warranty support service for 24 L-159 aircraft, supplies of spare parts, or the conversion of four single-seat L-159 aircraft into tandem-pilot versions. The first separate contract regarding post-warranty support of the L-159s was concluded for three years.

Originally, there were 72 L-159 aircraft purchased for the Czech Air Force. Due to economic reforms, the whole military has been markedly downsized, to include the Air Force. Following expert analyses, it was decided that the Air Force would keep only 24 L-159s, with the other of 47 aircraft (one was destroyed in an air crash in February 2003), being marked for sale.

By Jan Pejšek, Press Information Service of MoD, Phones: +420 973 200 147, +420 724 033 288.

Posted: December 8, 2005