7th Contingent of ACR in KFOR

Colonel Aleš Vodehnal, Commander of the 7th Czech Contingent in Joint Enterprise operation of KFOR, handed over operational command of the Czech Area of Responsibility in Kosovo, and the command of the KFOR Multinational Brigade CENTRE on 17 January 2006 to Colonel Miroslav Hlaváč, Commander of the 8th Czech Contingent in the operation.

7th Contingent of ACR in KFOR

The ACR have contributed to KFOR peacekeeping operation with the 7th Contingent in size of 500 since 20 July 2005 and it took over its operational task on 1 August 2005. The core of the Contingent was formed by soldiers of the 43rd Airborne Mechanised Battalion based in Chrudim, a battalion of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade. The Contingent included personnel also from other units according to required specialities. The mission of this Contingent lasted for six months, that is, until mid-January 2006.

Number of Czech military personnel on the operation:

  • 494 (to 16 January 2006)

Contingent commander:

  • Colonel Aleš VODEHNAL   (from 1 August 2005 commander of the Multinational Brigade CENTRE)

The ACR Contingent in KFOR mission was formed by:

  • Personnel in command and specialist positions at the Headquarters of Kosovo Force in Pristina;
  • Personnel at the Headquarters of KFOR Multinational Brigade CENTRE;
  • Personnel at the KFOR multinational transport company;
  • Personnel at the KFOR multinational Military Police company;
  • Mechanised unit in size of a company;
  • Logistic support company.

Czechs took over the lead nation at the Multinational Brigade CENTRE:

  • The Czech Republic took over the role of the so called lead nation at the Multinational Brigade CENTRE from Finland as of 1 August 2005. Historically, this was the first task of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic of this type, scope and responsibility.

  • Units of the Multinational Brigade CENTRE were formed by soldiers of the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Slovakia, and Sweden.

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Soldiers gathered at the Prague-Kbely airport after arrival from Kosovo - 20 January 2006

FM letf: COL Jan Gireth, MG Emil Pupiš, LTG Pavel Štefka and Defence Minister Karel Kühnl greet soldiers at the arrival Commander COL Aleš Vodehnal at the arrival Peacekeepers receive congratulations

Updated: January 23, 2006