Consecration of Military Chapel

A military ecumenical chapel, consecrated at the end of the last year at the Military Academy in Vyskov, has become the historically first modern chapel within the Czech military installations in the country.

Consecration in Vyskov

The Vyskov's military ecumenical chapel was consecrated by Catholic Bishop Msgre Vojtech Cikrle, who is in charge of the Catholic part of the Military Chaplaincy of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, together with the Chairman of the Ecumenical Council of Churches, Pavel Cerny, on 1 December 2005.

The ceremony, initiated by Brigadier General Frantisek Maleninsky, Director of Training and Doctrines Directorate (TRADOC) in Vyskov, was attended by the Chief Chaplain of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, Lieutenant Colonel Tomas Holub; Commander of the Support and Training Forces of the Czech military, Lieutenant General Jan Durica; Chief Warrant Officer of the Czech military, Staff Warrant Officer Ludek Kolesa; and other guests.

The pure modern chapel, which was designed by architect Ms. Milada Slavikova, is decorated by an undressed wooden Cross, and a set of pictures called "The Way of the Cross", taken by military cameramen, which depicts daily human tragedies in different parts of the present world.

The consecration was opened by Meredith A. Charpantier's "Te Deum" and the whole ceremony was accompanied by the "Flores de Praga" quartet.

Pictures by Ms. Olga Haladova

Posted: January 11, 2006