4th ACR Task Force ISAF

NATO International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan

The Czech Armed Forces Task Force in ISAF operation is an organisational unit set up in 2010, whose commander directly commands Czech units deployed at the Kabul International Airport, and administratively controls and provides logistic support for the rest of Czech units serving elswhere in Afghanistan on ISAF operation. Units deployed in Kabul continue, after reorganisation, in work of three previous contingents.

Colonel Jan Koziak, Commander of the 4th ACR Task Force ISAF

Commander of the 4th ACR Task Force ISAF:

Colonel Jan Koziak

(Assumed operational task on 12th December 2011 for six months).

Previous units of the Task Force were commanded by:

- Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Siska, Major Josef Nejedly, Colonel Jaroslav Jiru, and Jaroslav Strupl

{the 1st unit /= 1st TASK FORCE/ served in Kabul for eight months}


The Task Force Comprises:

(I) Units under the direct command of Task Force commander:

  • Command and Staff

  • National Support Element

  • Military Police (Protection Group)

  • Chemical and Biological Protection Unit

  • AAT Unit - Air Adviser Team trains Afghan airmen to pilot and maintain Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters

  • 4th Field Surgical Team - The Czech Team reinforces the personnel of the French Military Hospital at the Kabul International Airport

  • Representation at Kabul and Bagram headquarters

With the exception of NSE, whose members provide logistic support for all Czech soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, all others work in favour of the Kabul International Airport multi-national force.


 Location of the ACR Task Force ISAF


(II) Units under independent command:

  • Provincial Reconstruction Team at the Shank Base in the Logar Province

  • OML Team - has been serving together with units of the Afghan National Army in the Wardak Province since December 2010

  • Traning Unit of the Czech Military Police in the Wardak Province

  • Task Force of Special Forces deployed in the Nangarhar Province

Total size of Czech presence in ISAF operation in Afghanistan is 594 personnel as of 18 May 2012.

Previous Czech units in Kabul:



All forces in ISAF:

Updated: May 18, 2012