First Czechs in ISAF

Peacekeeping Operation in Afghanistan
6th and 11th Field Hospitals

From 24 April 2002 to 28 January 2003

269 surgeons, nurses, and other personnel

The Czech Republic fulfilled its participation in the ISAF (International Security Assistance Forces), FINGAL Operation, by deploying a military contingent to Afghanistan in May 2002. The contingent was formed by the 6th Field Hospital, a platoon of guards and a Military Police group.

In total, there were 269 Czech military personnel engaged in the FINGAL peacekeeping operation until 28 January 2003. Since 1 February 2003, there were 11-member field surgical teams rotating in their service with the German Field Hospital within ISAF Operation until 24 April 2003.

The contingent reported directly to the ISAF commander.




Commander Colonel Dr. Jindřich Sitta

The contingent moved into the theatre in three phases. In the first one, beginning on 24 April 2002, five members of a surgical team joined the 34th British Field Hospital in the town of Bagram. The second phase included a logistic support group of 35 personnel that was deployed in Kabul, and finally, huge An-24 RUSLAN aircraft transported the main strength of 110 personnel with equipment to Kabul

The task of the contingent consisted in providing health care for ISAF service members and humanitarian assistance for the people of Afghanistan.

The local population received the health care at the hospital in Bagram, through mobile medical teams and a temporary dispensary, and by admitting selected patients from other hospital facilities, in cooperation with local Kabul medical institutions.


Commander Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Marek Obrtel

In mid-October 2002, this hospital replaced the 6th Field Hospital.


The hospital performed the same task as the 6th Field Hospital, in accordance with a decision of the Czech government, until 28 January 2003. A phased transportation of personnel and equipment back to the Czech Republic was completed on 13 February 2003.

From 1 February to 24 April 2003, there was a Czech field surgical team of 11 personnel serving with the German Field Hospital. After that date, the participation of the Czech medical team in the ISAF operation was terminated.