24th Air Transportation Base at Prague - Kbely

24th Air Transportation Base Badge

The Air Transportation Base located at Prague-Kbely is used for air transport of personnel and material within the Czech Republic and abroad. In addition to military-related transport activities, it has been used as a base for transporting Czech constitutional representatives since 1993. It also carries out air movements of human transplants and contributes to the Czech Integrated Rescue System.

Mailing Address:

Air Transportation Base
CZ 190 00 Prague 9 - Kbely
Czech Republic


Colonel David Klement


Captain Zuzana Spackova
Phone: +420 973 207 583
Mobile: +420 602 153 165
E-mail: zu.spackova@seznam.cz

At present, the base is equipped with the following major items:

Planes: CL-601-3A Jak-40 Airbus A-319CJ L-410 CASA C-295M
Helicopters: Mi-8 Mi-17 W-3A Sokol Mi-8 T Mi-8PS11 Mi-8PS9

Airport characteristics:

  • The airport is located 11 kilometres from Prague's downtown in a course of 072 degrees.
  • Grids of the runway centre: 50° 07´18“ N and 14° 32´43“ E.
  • The runway zero line is in 242 degrees, and in „diverted“ start, it is 062 degrees.
  • The runway is located over the Prague's basin on a plain terrain with average elevation above sea level of 280 metres. The width of the concrete runway along its all 2080-metre length is 50 metres. Taxiways covered with bitumen are 15 metres in width. Three passage ways are of the same width, and they cross the main runway.

Web site of the 24 ATB, Prague-Kbely (www.zdl.army.cz)

August 30, 2018