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Iraqi Zone Stabilisation Force Operation

Multi-National Force - Iraq

The Czech National Flag was hauled down at the Shaibah Base, Basrah region, in southern Iraq,

on 2 December 2006 to mark a move of Czech military policemen to another base to assume new tasks

Great move needs big moversHandy hands for handover A haul-down ceremony 1 A haul-down ceremony 2

Leaving means moving Size 101 - who's missing? International storage & parking sites

More than 50 MPs of the 10th Contingent arrived in Prague's Ruzyně Airport by Tu-154 after a three-month service in Iraq - 20 June 2006

Leaving Tu-154 Aircraft Marching Home From the left: Colonel Jan Gireth (in green) and Colonel Jiří Neubauer (in sand uniform) Welcoming Ceremony

Farewell ceremony in Prague to mark departure of 11th MP Contingent to Iraq - 9 June 2006

Major General John Cooper, Commander of the British-led Multinational Division South, at an awarding ceremony with the Czech 10th MP Contingent to Iraq at the Al Shaibah Base - 8 June 2006

LTC Jiří Neubauer greets MG John Cooper Awarding Ceremony 1 Awarding Ceremony 2 Iraqi, Czech and British Flags

Ceremony in Prague to mark the arrival of 7th MP Contingent from Iraq - 9 November 2005

Czech 8th Military Police Contingent starts training of a new Iraqi police corps - 2 October 2005


Ceremony in Prague to mark the departure of 8th MP Contingent to Iraq - 16 September 2005

Major General Angelo Pacifici, Deputy Commander MNF (I), visits Czech 7th MP Contingent at the Al Shaibah Base, Iraq - 8 September 2005

Training at the Iraqi Police Academy at Az-Zubayr, South Iraq - 25 April 2005

Arrival of 5th MP Contingent in Prague after a 3-month mission in Iraq - 24 March 2005

Czech Ambassador and British General visit Czech MP at the Shaibah Base, Iraq - 10 March 2005

Arrival of 57 Czech MP members in Prague after a training mission in Iraq - 30 September 2004

New members of Iraqi police trained at the Police Academy at Az-Zubayr, Iraq - 19 August 2004

Czech Deputy Defence Minister Martin Bělčík visits Military Police at the Al Shaibah Base - 4 August 2004

Pictures by LTC Roman Gottfried, Jan Procházka, MAJ Miloslava Volfová, Vladimír Marek, MAJ Petr Sýkora, Miroslav Šindelář, 1LT Marek Nový, and 1LT Jan Čermák