2nd Training Unit of MP at Wardak

The Czech Military Police Training Unit helps build strong Afghan National Police force.

Captain Zdenek Koreczki

Task of the Unit:

Mentor the instructors of the National Police Training Center at Afghan Province of Wardak, supervise organisation a planning of the training at this Police Academy, and support build command corps and prepare key staff of the NPTC.

Command Level Structure:

The 2nd Training Unit of the Czech Military Police is part of the France-led international team of mentors. Commander of the French Contingent is at the same time commander of the international team, where also Portugal and Romania participate in.

Location of the Unit:

NPTC, Wardak Province, approximately 2 km off Durani village.

Size of the Unit:

12 military policemen from MP Command at Olomouc, MP Protection Service Command, and from the MP Command Headquarters in Prague.

Period of the Mission:

October 2011 - March 2012


Captain Zdenek Koreczki

Last update: April 4, 2012