Supersonic Aircraft JAS-39 Gripen

The aircraft, known also as "SAAB 39 Gripen", have protected airspace of this country since the 1 July 2005.

The issue of Czech Republic's air space protection was resolved by the decision to acquire new supersonic JAS-39 Gripen aircraft. The Air Force's fleet of MiG-21 supersonic aircraft reached the end of their airframe life-spans in 2005, though the need to continue to provide for the nation's air space protection with its own assets and to preserve the skills of its flying and support personnel continued.

Czech government resolution No. 686 of 9 July 2003 was the crucial conceptual document for the Czech Air Force and its acquisition of new supersonic aircraft.

Pursuant to this resolution, the Minister of Defence was tasked to request feasibility studies at the governments of Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, and the U.S.A.,
and to evaluate the studies before 30 November 2003.

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Last update: July 25, 2011